Make The Quality of Your Products Easy to Verify

Add the Connected Quality Tag and start building
customers’ confidence.


BrandGuard's new type of serialized QR-Codes extends outdated printed indications with an impossible-to-fake mobile-readable Quality Tag

The Patented Anti-Copying Algorithm complies with any phone, any QR reader: no special app needed

Real-Time Detailed Scanning Analytics is provided to Brands' marketing team


Advanced Mobile Experience

A combination of rich visual presentation, multi-lingual text and a wide range of community building tools ensures rapid adoption and maximized engagment

Key Advantages

Promotes Brand's Image

By providing a verifiable Quality Tag, multi-language ingredients list and a visual usage guide, brands can  increase trust and encourage engagement

Quick & Easy

BrandGuard’s solution does not require special app. iPhone users just use their standard camera app while Android users use any QR reader including WeChat

Budget Friendly

The Quality Tag can be printed using low-cost digital printing applied to any part of the packaging, or on a sticker added using standard production equipment   


A marketing sub-system (which can be shared with resellers) allows adding many types of rewards such as digital coupons and loyalty cards, further increasing scan rates.

'Last-Mile' Track & Trace

Scanning statistics, presented on maps and in a sortable list form, provide real-time data on market trends, fraud centres and unauthorised distribution channels. Data gathering complies with privacy laws and is carefully kept anonymous


You can start now, online!

No need to wait for a lengthy process till you get codes and start building your smart packaging future. It’s all here few clicks away!

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