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Who we are

BrandGuard is a supplier of serialisation solutions optimised for mass production markets such as foods, beverage, cosmetics and over-the-counter medications. Based on its patented technology, regular QR-Code is turned into an efficient anti-counterfeiting tool, while opening the door to multiple mobile based, packaging-triggered retail applications. 

The company, established in 2016, develops Cloud-based processing software and service infrastructure that supports any scale implementations from few thousands to millions of codes. 

Cloud Processing of Serialised QR Codes

What we do

BrandGuard markets a web-based Software-as-a-Service which provides self-managed online generation of code packs, as well as tracking console of scanning activity (time, location, detected duplicates and more). 

Continuous Research of Authentication Challenges

New authentication modes and tools are developed and introduced as part of our solution, such as multi-party authentication mode and more

Cost-Effective and Clean

BrandGuard focuses on solutions that match the needs of mass-market products, avoiding any expensive and/or unhealthy additions to product packing.

Our Vision

We believe that the mass-market industry must adopt transparency and trust and central values of their offering. Package-based authentication and instantaneous product information on mobile are key.  

Detailed, transparent information

Digitally signed, mobile-optimised presentation of product contents and characteristics should augment package printing and become a standard

Universal, Mobile-based Interaction

Authentication methods should target consumer and their mobile phones – the most powerful information presentation tool ever invented. Methods requiring special equipment and practice do not serve current needs.


We work in partnership with key technology suppliers

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    Does BrandGuard sells printed labels?

    No - we always refer to our partners for purchasing the printed labels or printing digitally on packaging

  2. 2
    I am mobile app developer. Can I integrate with the service?

    Sure - it is actually very easy. Any QR-Code scanning library /utility can be used. Once code is scanned, results page can be either displayed as a web-page or retrieved via an API.

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    Can I integrate my couponing or loyalty-card applications?

    Sure - and these can be based on serialised products, which means that coupons, for example, can be associated with a specific item, not just a product-type.

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    Do you have an affiliation program?

    BrandGuard does not offer at this point standard affiliation program, but we are open to discuss presentation /re-distribution deals of any kind.

BrandGuard is cooperating with advanced embossing technology from Swiss

3D AG and BrandGuard developed a smart tagging technology that combines the power of 3D AG’s sophisticated security holograms with a Cloud-processed QR-Code, together providing unbreakable security for branded, high-value products.


Questions? Requests?

You can use the form attached or any of the detailed contact points to start a conversation and explore the mutual potential.

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    About Us
    BrandGuard is an Israeli high-tech start-up specialising in solutions for the retail industry. You can contact us at:
    11 Hille Yaffe Street Hadera, ISRAEL